Cooking With Eggs Made Easier With These Genius Tips

Egg is a breakfast staple in households all across the globe. Firstly, its high protein content makes it a great energy-booster to start your day with; and secondly, this simple food can be used to make a variety of different kinds of dishes to suit different taste preferences. However, the humble eggs come with their own set of risks and problems. There is always a fear of consuming stale and rotten eggs and the problem is that you can’t really make out if the eggs are fine by looking at them or holding them. 

This egg hack video shows how to ascertain if your eggs are fresh or not. Just drop the egg in a glass of water, if it sinks it is fresh, if it floats it is old.

You may like to try different egg recipes but simple plain boiled eggs by far remain the most popular form of eggs we all love to have. However, everyone faces issues like not being able to peel the eggs properly. The video reveals some tips to do that with ease. For instance, always drop the egg in water only after it starts boiling. Add baking soda to the boiling water. Always transfer the eggs to cold water immediately after removing from boiling water. Then there are two ways you can peel off the boiled egg, shake it in a jar full of water or roll it on a flat surface.

And if you want to make an egg recipe with just raw egg white or just egg yolk, we have a genius hack to easily separate the both. Just crack the egg and scoop out the yolk with the mouth of a bottle.